Dr. Parnerkar (1916 to 1980) was an intellectual giant and a spiritual doyen that propounded path breaking ideas and thoughts. Based on his studies (ranging from philosophy to cosmogony to economics) of ancient eastern and western thought streams, he firmly believed that while coming to life is beyond the control of an individual, motivation for living life on one’s own terms is innate and very much an individual’s own. It is this very innate force that led man to explore/discover nature and develop various art forms, sciences and subjects. So every branch of science and artform came to life for enabling a human life.

However in course of time the relationship between a subject and the enabling aspect got reversed and that led to confusion and incoherence between means and end.

“Living a healthy and happy life is, was and should be centerpiece of any science, art form or stream of thought. Anything otherwise leads to that art form or science getting obsolete.”

Dr. Parnerkar propounded that one has to find a purpose / goal for his life either of his own volition or by getting external help from parent, teachers or the society/community he or she lives in. In order to achieve the goal, he or she also has to continuously strive to learn/unlearn new skill sets and competencies and for doing so, discipline and planning is very much the bedrock. In addition, he or she has to constantly align or take into account external factors like cultural changes, technological advances, globalization, societal changes and impact of governmental action.

For those who believe in A Higher Power, they also have to constantly put in effort for its blessings.
In summary, one has to constantly put in effort on all 3 fronts i.e. intellectual, spiritual and the physical to define/redefine, develop ends and means. In other words, BE SUCCESSFUL AT LIFE MANAGEMENT!!

This foundation focuses on creating awareness and enabling people for successful life management.