P.P.DadaDr. V. R. Parnerkar learnt the concept and nuances of life management under the tutelage of his father from a very young age. Due to the grounding in life management, along with a very successful career in Law and a fulfilling family life, he has guided and mentored – thousands of families and individuals in successfully implementing concepts of life management.

Dr. V. R. Parnerkar continues to mentor people and organizations from all professions and walks of life in application of life management concepts. Many professionals and entrepreneurs have been guided by Dr. V. R. Parnerkar over the years and have successfully leveraged the concept of life management to achieve life goals and lead a very happy and satisfied life. Many institutions and organizations such as banks, hospitals, schools founded in India, on the principles of life management and are being run under the able guidance of Dr. Parnerkar.

Dr. Parnerkar demonstrated the universality of this concept by enabling people to succeed in their respective lives from different continents.

This foundation honors Dr. R. P. Parnerkar and Dr. V. R. Parnerkar by creating awareness and enabling people achieve goals and derive joy & happiness while living a complete life on all fronts – material, intellectual and spiritual.