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Option trading is an alternative of Stock Trading

DPLMF Option learning Registration: 

DPMLF is inviting you to join our three sesshttps://forms.gle/gdX9Eh5yD8EB3CyRAion crash course on options trading to help you better organize your financial portfolio.

Want to learn how to –

  • Make money off of short term investments in the stock market?
  • Buy insurance for your long term stock investment?
  • Earn money using your existing stocks?

Session: 1 -> Call Option

Date & time: March-20 (1 PM to 3 PM)

Session: 2 -> Put Option

Date & time: March-27 (1 PM to 3 PM)

Session: 3 -> Iron Condor, Strangle and Portfolio management.

Date & time: April-3 (1 PM to 3 PM)

Please register using the following Google Form to receive instructions on how to join the sessions: Registration

Registration is open till March 12th, 2021.

Event Organizer: http://dplmf.org/event/option-trade-an-alternative-to-stock-trading/

Please contact optionshree09@gmail.com if you have any questions

Overview of Options
• Call Options
• Covered Call
• Understanding Debit & Credit Call Spreads
• Using Greeks to understand Options (Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega)
• Implied Volatility
• IV Rank (IV Percentile)
• How to open and use a paper trading account
• How to trade using a small account?
• How to select option strike when buying or selling?
• When to buy and sell Call options?
• Review sample trades
• Q & A

Session: 2
• Understanding Put Options
• Review last session’s trade
• Understanding Debit & Credit Put Spreads
• How to use puts to protect your Portfolio?
• How to earn money when the market is going down?
• Using 1 and 2 Standard Deviations to determine option strike
• When to buy and sell put options?
• What are liquid stocks?
• Real Life Trade: We will place a trade and see how it behaves as the market moves
• Q & A

Session: 3
• Review last session’s trade
• Discuss how to effectively use your capital
• How to protect your capital?
• Iron Condor Strategies
• Strangles & Earning trades
• Ground rules of trading options
• Market Awareness
• Diversifying your portfolio with different types of stocks
• SPY Co-relation
• Q & A

Advance Session (Future Learning):
• Future Trading, Butterfly, Broken wing Butterfly, Strangle, Straddle JAD Lizard, Calendar,
Poor Man’s Covered Call.
• Weekly Earning Strategy, Monthly Earning Strategy, High-Risk Trades( 0 DTE Trade)
• How to Scale up your Portfolio?



March 20


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm




Dr. Parnerkar Life Management Foundation, USA

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