About Us

Dr. Parnerkar Life Management Foundation is based in the state of Georgia in US and works for people of North America. It is open for people of all color, race, religion, ages and genders. Foundation is founded in the name of Dr. R. P. Parnerkar, an intellectual and spiritual giant from India. He propounded the concept of ‘Life Management’ i.e. need to learn to manage one’s life to achieve his/her goals objectives. This does not come naturally but needs a deliberate effort on an individual’s part. He enabled thousands of individuals / families fulfil their life- dreams and goals via this approach. His son Adv. V R Parnerkar has striven for the last few decades to continue this lineage forward. There are many individuals in NA that have benefited from their association with Dr. Parnerkar and Adv. Parnerkar and these people have come together to start this foundation. This team of people would like to reach out to as many people in NA as possible to highlight the importance and need for Life Management.


Enable human life to achieve goals and derive joy & satisfaction while living a complete and harmonious life on all fronts – material, spiritual and emotional.

The Need

Dr. Parnerkar believed that Science is important to understand various facets and intricacies of life. However as each life is unique, applying that understanding to lead a successful life is very much an ART.

What does the foundation do?

  1. Create awareness regarding the need for:
    • ‘Learning Life Management’ as critical success factor for leading a happy and successful life.
    • Comprehensive view of life (material, spiritual and emotional) is essential for a happy and satisfied life
  2.  Continuously identify various factors that influence life (both positive and negative) in NA such as globalisation, use of Technology, Health and nutrition, Economic/ financial management  and stress management. 
  3. Engage with experts who guide individuals / communities for optimally handling the above factors i.e. mitigating risks from negative influences and  strengthening positive ones.
  4. Engage / network with institutions working/researching in similar fields.
  5. Provide a forum for individuals / teams to discuss challenges, experiences in relations to Life Management.
  6. Recognise individuals for their excellence in the field of Life Management.

The foundation endeavours -to carry out these types of activities for various age groups ie. school going kids, home makers, working adults, families and senior citizens.

How do we carry these activities?

Considering the large physical distances in NA we leverage technology to the maximum and following are some of the ways we carry out our activities:

  • Webinars
  • Online Study capsules
  • In class training
  • e-magazines / newsletters
  • Blogs / chat sessions

These are designed to complement / supplement the regular education or academic courses an individual may be taking

The activities of the foundations to be funded by

  • Individual donations
  • Corporate contributions
  • Fund raising events
  • Contributions from other non-profits