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We need to learn how to live. Unlike a fish doesn’t have to learn how to swim, we do need to make special efforts in learning how to live.
Education and Wisdom are two separate entities. Academic education makes oneself educated, not wise. The need of the hour is to understand that a different kind of education is needed to achieve ‘wisdom’.
Human nature is not static. It can evolve with due efforts; even multiple times. The first step to improving human nature is this very understanding that it can be and is meant to be changed.
Human mind and human nature are not the same things. Mind comes to us implicitly while human nature is developed by virtue of one’s mind, intellect, health & habits.

Why Life Management

Because, we manage the things that we value. And we, at DPLMF, are very much certain that our Life is the best and most valuable gift you could have ever got. That’s the first step to managing life.. and Kudos! You have already started this journey. Let’s see why do we need to “manage” our life.

All of us have experienced that even the smallest of events go well only when they are properly managed. Wouldn’t it apply to this mega-event called “Life”? It certainly does!

We manage variety of things in our lives that we want and care about like Wealth management, Health management, Event management, Time management and many more. We even manage the things we do not want for example Stress management and Anger management. But how often do we think about managing our life as such? Almost never, right? Does that feel like we have been ignoring the elephant in the room? Rather, we were ignoring the room itself. So, now when we know what the problem is – let’s find a solution. Join us in this mission to making everyone’s life better..!!

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Foundation Activities

Thought Process Development

Engage experts to guide individuals & communities.

Training for Happy Life

Create awareness regarding the need for ‘Life Management’ as critical success factor for leading a happy and successful life.

Training for Children

Encourage art, talent & special skills. Organize programs for overall personality development for kids

Coaching for Family Life

Identify various factors that influence life in NA provide guidance.

Training for Healthy You

Arrange the Yoga Workshops and Nutrition Seminars.

Life Management Forums

Provide a forum to discuss challenges & share experiences for successful Life Management.